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Welcome to Positive Link

Welcome to Positive Link, a program of the Minnesota AIDS Project for gay and bi men living with HIV. We are pleased to showcase the first phase of our new look and website, featuring information about the program, staff, sexually transmitted infections and an up–to–date calendar of Positive Link activities. In the near future we hope to bring you more information about sexual health and leading a healthy lifestyle as a person living with HIV. We welcome all constructive feedback. Please with your comments.


Looking outside it’s hard to believe that it’s only mid-November, but yet that’s what the calendar says.  We have purposely kept the calendar light with the coming of the holiday season, but there are a couple of things that we’d like to make everyone aware of, if you aren’t part of the Facebook group, so here goes. 

First and foremost, we have planned two sessions of the Disclosure Dialogues, one on November 22 and the other December 13.  We have streamlined the curriculum, to only be a day-long activity, which has been working out great.  This participant driven workshop  relies upon, movie quality clips which gives us a jumping off point for discussion, role play (not the kind you are thinking about) and hopefully the tools to go forward and more ably talk about your HIV status.  We examine the stress and anxiety in talking about our status to family, friend, dates or just hook ups.  If you would like to participate or just have questions, contact either Nic or Steve and we can have a chat about this workshop.  Both days are Saturday’s with breakfast and lunch served. At the end of the day a $15 Target gift card is given to each participant.  We have 3 spots left for November 22 and 6 left for December 13, hope to hear from you.

We have the final BYOB (buy your own brunch) of 2014, this Saturday, November 15 at the Copper Hen located at 2515 Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis.  We’ve not been here before, but the food sounds very good and the prices aren’t too bad either.  We have reservations set for 10 a.m. this Saturday, so if you would like to join us, just give a call to 612.373.2463.

Lastly, a new Study at the U of M is seeking participants and here are some of the basics:  Regular study visits with a blood draw every 3 months, a lymph node biopsy and a colonoscopy 3 times over the course of the study.  Participants must be taking HIV medicine and have an undetectable viral load,  have CD4 (T-cell) count between 200- 650, and  not be taking Losartan or similar medications (e.g., lisinopril or ACE inhibitors).  Maximum compensation amount for completing the whole study is $1,570.  For more information please contact: 

Ann Thorkelson,
Research Nurse
University of Minnesota
612-625-7472, segu0017@umn.edu
Timothy Presley,
Clinical Trials Specialist
Minnesota AIDS Project
612-373-2445, timothy.presley@mnaidsproject.org


Nic and Steve

If you want more information, contact us at .